About Us

This is an initiative that focuses on inspiring youth to embrace Technology and to be innovative to develop the community.

Our History

SAWA INNOVATION HUB (SIHUB) is a community based-organization founded by a group of refugee students studying in high institution of learning in Uganda in 2017. A group of five (5) students came up with the idea of giving back to the community in the Refugee settlement since most of them were beneficiaries of scholarships from the settlement. SIHUB mainly focuses on sustainable and relevant technology to reduce the digital divide between the rural and the urban regions of the country. To put the organization running, members had to contribute a fee of UGX 100,000/=.

Since the initiative started SIHUB has so far trained more than 180 youth and Adult these include 168 community members of Ocea Zone both Nationals and Refugees through cost sharing with the community from June to September 2017 on computer applications and the internet, Graphics design, computer and printer repair and maintenance, 11 youth through Danish Refugees Council(DRC)apprenticeship program on electronics from August to December 2018,8 teachers of Excel International Academy a pilot project through Peace Tech Lab US sub contracted by Giraya Digital group in June 2019 on computer applications and internet in 2019 December SIHUB trained 15 I.T Club members of Bugema University Arua Campus on Computer, Printer repair and maintenance. Currently we are helping University Information Technology students to develop their final Year applications in our center currently we have 12 students taking graphics design and basic repair and maintenance.

SAWA INNOVATION HUB (SIHUB) has the following areas of concertation to develop the ICT sector to enhance more entrepreneurs to establish and sustain their business while contributing to employable skills among the community members Technology play a pivotal role in development of any country and communities. These are some of our major areas of concertation.

Our Mission

To support youth to face economic, political, and social challenges in life while hoping for a better future through life skills and innovations

Our Vision

ICT centered organization in society under-served where ICT is used to address economic and social needs of the society.


  • Connectivity
  • Access
  • Education
  • Content
  • Research
  • Inclusivity

What we believe in

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